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new rule for ES-tcg reboot

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 29, 2017, 6:20 PM

omg i thought of an awsome new rule for erementaru saga's card game revision !
in memory of my grandpa i'm adding "chess triggers"
these effects will be on each and every monster divided into
Pawn, rook, bishop, Knight, and guardian (kinda the homologous of queen) and then the elemental or character card will be like the king

For all of you who don't know my game is played a bit like chess your character is the king and all spells and monsters etc radiate from them. your character gains energy every turn that can be used to quicken (restore speed), summon, or cast cards, as well as move around and attack with them. if the elemental dies the game is over and the game is played on a grid system to simulate a type of open world table top rpg combat

the triggers work as followed

*Pawn if a pawn attacks and inflicts direct damage on the elemental you can shuffle one monster back into your deck and draw a card (pawns are low stats and low cost creatures)

*Rook: can preform castling from the discard pile by banishing them castling allows you to use them to block a direct hit all monsters can do this from the hand but only rooks can use the discard pile these cards are moderate high costs with varying stats it costs twice the normal cost to castle

*Knight: moderate stats and moderate cost knights can move 2 spaces for each energy you give them instead of one and restore 2 agility for each 1 restored using quickening (an effect i made to allow the elemental to convert energy into agility for creatures which allows them to move and doge)

*bishop- High cost cards you receive no damage from bishops who die in battle

*guardian- can be conjured at any time in the game from the deck by paying a 50% increased cost and can block from anywhere on the board.
Only one can be in the deck.

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new work! Yatta!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 29, 2017, 11:23 AM

posted up a lot of sculptures and a few more to come:)
some were submitted to the wrong folder tho and seems DA changed a lot i no longer know how to arrange and move deviations :(
plz help if u can
anyways happy to be a bit activish again

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Apologies, announcements, anyone watching?

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 16, 2017, 9:00 PM

1. sorry i've been gone so long trying grab the reins again but just too much mail >< DA is not very user friendly when it comes to that
2. Sorry but to manage mail I unwatched notifications of everyone who is not a dedicated watcher or a close friend or like an idol artist i look up to. In short my active watchlist is now very small and manageable i felt bad about this but I kept everyone watched and trying to sort them better so i can still check out their pages just not get notifications anymore -__-
3. this brings me to number 3 there will be NO watch for watch or fave for fave any longer i'm sorry it's just too much to handel i dont mean to be rude but I have a real life you know?
4. i nuked my inbox. like all of it. like i i didnt fave u're work on a speed shot it got deleted. I'm sorry there was just too much i skimmed faved here and there and nuked the rest i had to get it back down to zero v_v
5. I am sorry for replying so damn late ! god some were months apart
if you consider me a friend plz plz plz ask for other social media DA is just not friendly I have plenty of other social media I'd be happy to chat on but if you wanna chat here expect late replies i mostly only use DA to see work and post work nothing else now.  it just gets too out of hand with comments
6.  no more b-day wishes should be expected if i wish u one cause i happen to have time that's fine but plz don't expect it theres no way i can remember everyone and a good chance i wont be on daily enough to notice b-days so sorry for that as well
7. lastly sorry for no posts i really wanna get back into the swing of things and when i do i will probably post a lot in scraps to spare you all the infinite spamming only my larger more time consuming and better work will be posted normally. If you want to see piles of stuff like character concepts, cards and so on plz watch scraps

Announcements on EREMENTARU SAGA
the manga is being rebooted from the very begining i'm doing scripts now but don't expect the written form any time soon further more don't expect the full manga for a very very long time i just dont have time with school so it will likely be a novel instead with a very slow moving manga adaptation ^^;
ok as for the cards digital takes too damn long so they will be traditionally drawn and hopefully those will start being posted shortly and eventually cards will be digitally redone but again not for long periods of time as I'm really just trying to get all the decks set up for testing before i waste my time redoing them all digital
finally reguarding wallpaper etc i wanna start doing at least one large scale detailed wall paper a month but so far this has not gone well if school is kind i'll start this project in feb
if u have any other questions reguarding my current work plz ask
again sorry for all the above it had to be done i hope i still have at least some watchers here still

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friends raffle,btw not dead

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 12, 2017, 9:57 PM

just giving some advertisement for a friend's raffle
New Year's Art Raffle! (CLOSED) by FaithWalkers
also in case you where all wondering I'm actually not dead just super busy
I moved out of my house to a dorm in the neighbor city about a half hour away so i can attend the university easier and have been trying my hand at adulting lol
here's some updates:

last semester went well I had two senior level classes biological psychology and behavioral psychology even though I'm just a junior. I took these along with social psychology, geological disasters( upper division general ed) and sculpture fire arts (yes you will be seeing my sculptures soon)
I aced all 5 of these classes for 18 units and taking another 18 starting in about 2 weeks.
I'll take child/adolescence psychology, cognition psychology, statistical psychology, digital art intro, japanese part 1, and aikido (the last two are just for fun and units lol (electives)
Overall I'm still a 4.0 honor student

NON EXISTENT! ok so i have some but got a lot i have lost most of my friends from my last school or they just dont write much at all and made no new ones this semester other than casual class buddies that i think dismissed me after the semester T_T. I still am single as can be and relatively friendless but i have like 3 good friends still and my roommate seems cool also got some online buddies of course but yeah i gotta get out of this social rutt at this point i donno if I'll ever start a family lol

I'm living off savings scrounging for every dime I can as 0 financial aid is left after rent so I gotta find work and fast ! I'll start the search this week.

I'm working on a few wall papers I'll post soon and I also have unposted sculptures as well. Reguarding cards I'm proud to announce I'm gonna push my card game forward, BUT cards will be traditional art work for now (just to speed it up so I can get some finished and trial run them) the most popular will be made digital latter most likely but really i I try to do em all digital it will take forever.

Ok so I am scripting the Eremenaru Saga Origins story now then going to entirely reboot the original  plus there's next gen and the spin off forsaken fate to think of. SOOOOOOOOOO they will not be drawn out for a very long time after scripting they will be made in to novelized book forms that you can read. Eventually they will be drawn but when is unknown. the books will include some art work for some scenes just to keep it engaging but yeah sorry no manga form in the near future. Also please not that the reboot of erementaru SAGA will be longer and also will be darker in many ways.

MANGA team!:
here's my next point I want to make a manga team to help with my illustrations sense I'll never have time to do it all however having no money the only income will come from profits of the manga. due to legal reasons I must absolutely trust all members and they have to be a relatively high skill level and not have any of their own manga planned otherwise if we are collaborating on two manga it would save no time than if i simple did just mine on my own, but yeah if interested we will work on an interview or somethin I know no one is gonna sign up for a description like that but yeah. also big one they HAVE to replicate a similar anime style or it just won't blend well.

Nerd Stuff!
so i decorated my dorm like nerdvana and loving that i have a place for my .hack//sign poster finally! I also decided to rewatch naruto as i never saw it episode by episode and i forgot just how sad Gaara's origin was lol.I can't think of a new anime to watch and i have no time to read manga sadly though I did find time to read the new TSUBASA world chronicle 3 volume set :). As for games I recently started shadow verse though I'm not far at all and been playing a old game called koudelka which is a prequel to my fave RPG called shadowhearts. My pokedex is pretty full now just need jinx, the fossils, the birds, and the fossils (excluding omistar and ominite) I also need to evolve my shelder, magicarp, grimmer, slowpoke, seal, and charmillion (their are no freakin water pokemon here). I also recently got DOA 5 which is rather fun and decided to start building yugioh decks again :) also code geass abridged was pretty funny haha. btw who else is hyped for code geass season 3 being announced? not to mention more digimon tri, new one punch man, blue exorcist, and more lots of good anime on the way :D

Trying to switch to a mostly health food diet still vegeterian not vegan but cutting back on processed food so like today i had a garden burger with organic dressing, renate-less cheese, lettuce, grape tomatoes, and avacado then i had avacodo left over so mashed it up with more grape tomatoes and strawberry slices and had a make shift salad XD
I call that pretty healthy right? I think I'll start working out again when i get time hopefully I'll start this weekend at least once a week. On a side note I'm growing back my childhood long hair o i have a small ponytail now haha

WELLLLLLL I think that's about all
Tho I bet i forgot something
NOOOOOW back to adulting
wish me luck :iconkaminaplz:

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I'm back!!!!!!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 17, 2016, 10:19 PM

hey all i finally made my way back here after a long hard semester at college.
I'm proud to say I now have an associates degree in both psychology and art history and for those out of America that means i'm half to my BA!
I start uni in fall and will major in psy and minor in studio art :icoyohplz:
I've missed this sight alot and in order to get back here changes had to be made tho v_v
so what i did is i basically turned off notifications to almost every last person that was not watching me in order to focus on watchers whats more is i took deviation notifications on any person who is a watcher but posts more than 50 commonly however u guys are on a special list so i can just check u out once a week or so instead of getting 5000 messages a day XD
so anyways don't worry i still look at your work :)
I realize now that to stay here i have to minimize my mail so i hope i do not offend anyone.
Also if u have foreign contact with me aside from DA i would much prefer u use that to chat with me if not then here's still fine. Feel free to ask for my info on the following [ Fb, what's app, skype, tumbpr, kik,line, tango, etc] some of u can even have my phone # and text me if u'd like provided u're in the States ;P
now here's some updates about me below if u don't care you may stop reading now XD
ok so i'm actually quite the scholar now i graduated community college with a 3.95/4.0 GPA and a transfer GPA of a solid 4.0. I spent much of my college days tutoring and only ever got one B in 2 and a half years although this is where all my time has gone XD
so sorry i'm not always on here over semesters anymore trying to change that lol.
I start uni in fall and will be taking 3 psyche classes one GE or elective, and one art class every semester for 2 years to get my BA then i will start a 3 year grad school program to become a therapist  :)

still single and been rejected a few more times so a bit shaky on the whole topic but i may start dating in the university (possibly)
i need to sort myself out first

I'm still a social anxiety wreck but i made some good friends in college and i do get out more now. sadly i'll know no one at the uni but i  do think i'll be able to adapt quicker this time wish me luck

I think i improved some here's a few examples i'll minor in art studio at CSU there's still more un uploaded
Rift Between Angels by Shane-zero broken world by Shane-zero solitude of a fallen angel by Shane-zero Haseo Cosplay Collage by Shane-zero Orca Miku sculpture Collage by Shane-zero oc Sumiko by Shane-zero
The Delussional Tale of Samurai Shien! by Shane-zero

my manga manga:
my manga is getting 100% relaunched from the pilot version and will start in rough short novel version which will eventually be extended until they eventually reach manga form also i will be writting multiple stories at once and kinda go back and forth :)

manga reading:
Tsubasa has a sequel! so i wanna read that soon haha

anime watching:
not many i watch random one now and then i finished DRRR and i like psychological ones alot lately i also have been stoked about digimon tri lol

games playing:
well now that i have time getting on the JRPG train again playin old PS2 ones finished shadow hearts new world and now playing .hack//mutation

anxiety is still kicking my but but i'm surviving and improving i decided not to get medication for now and i'm starting to get better again and i'm eating better now or at least trying to i feel like i can still be a bit unstable but everyday is a step forward :iconkaminaplz:

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i know what u're thinking "he must be dead" right?
well i'm not i'm perfectly alive-ish :D
well thx to college i may actually be dead i donno there is a strong possibility of it hahaha
never the less i do still exist and to prove it here is a sneak peak at some stuff i'm yet to post on top of a herd of requests that piled up before i closed them

spamming my watchers haha

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 14, 2016, 2:31 PM
sorry for spamming u all i had many drawings i did in school that i never posted i wanted to make them into cards first  but to be perfectly honest i don't have the the time so when i do have time to make cards u'll be notified in a journal of them because they are usually under scraps
plz check out some of my new and updated characters and expect more soon :)



cleaning up my page

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 7, 2016, 11:27 AM
I am in the process of mass reorganizing my page I have done a large amount of work on it so far plz tell me what u think ok?
All old work has been moved to it's own folder.
Yes I know many of the icons are of images I have not posted but give me time lol.
They will be someday I promise lol.



come back and thank you

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 2, 2016, 8:00 PM
Hey peoples so i was really busy in collage and I regret to inform that i unwatched 1000s of people (that's right 1000s because i currently was watching 3060 people). Now i only watch people who watch e and those who don't will likely be unwatched aside from a very small list of favorites who are subject to change if it gets too big. I regret doing this but it had to be done because i was just too busy and my inbox was blown to hell with 1000s of messages ><
    I'm gonna try to slowly make a come back to DA and start cleaning up my page again. for those of you who are friends with me I tend to not get to replies too often so i suggest noting me for my FB, Skype, KIK, What's app, Snap chat, Tango, or many other contacts i use more regularly. I love chatting but my god DA sorts mail horrid lol.
before i go i would like to say thank you to all my NEW watchers apperently i got like 20 in my semi absence 0_0 I'm very happy about this and i recently watched back every last one of u ^^
i hope you will enjoy my art ;)
latter people



merry christmas

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 25, 2015, 11:11 AM
merry christmas people i'll try to draw something c hrismasy before the day is over but no promises

just letting u all know i'm still here and b-day

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 1, 2015, 6:30 PM
so i'm sorry i'm not on anymore school is hectic and i just have absolutely no time and haven't drawn much
If you'd like to chat with me then plz note me for my facebook, skype, or number cause i'm not on here enough to keep up with chats often
also having said that i am doing pretty well i got all As on my midterms and still holding all As this semester and i have more friends now IRL than i used to
still no gf tho but ehhh life goes on haha not a problem haha
oh and my b-day is tomorrow !
i turn 21 but not a big deal cause i dont drink lol
anyways hope to catch up with you all soon

sorry for mass posting people

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 17, 2015, 10:30 PM
finally had time to post some stuff so yeah sorry for flooding your inboxes plz check em out i promise this won't be a common occurance it's only cause i had months of work stocked up lol

little update

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 21, 2015, 9:56 PM
so i'm goin back to school again come monday i have no idea how often i'll be on DA i wanna try to get more active on here but life is hectic if you wanna keep contact plz note me another social media site otherwise i will likely be late on here
some examples are : facebook,skype, whatsapp, tango, kik, etc
anyways i also wanted to say too many friends did the DA questionair thingy so i regret to tell u i'm nuking them all haha XD
i really would like to chat with u all more so please contact me :)
i'll be on here when i can but if u have to use DA i will get emails via note more than with comments haha
also i'm gonna try to reboot my exstended manga and get back to making cards soon i actually have alot unposted that are just not in card form yet
another issue is DA takes soooooo long to post i mean come on at least remember my tags DA ><

need some opinions on some manga related stuff

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 11, 2015, 5:05 PM
OK so after some consideration i decided my manga is much too short to have the detail i want so I'm thinking of doubling the length
to get the story out there i will be doing the writing versions and posting them here however I'm sorry I'm highly dyslexic i badly need an editor so i apologize for grammar mistakes i also will be doing a traditional version of the manga which will be going slightly faster than the digital versions and these will be fully extended as well and my old chapters will be redone

anyways in the mean time sense it will take much longer to get out manga chapters doing it this way you will see a rise in the following:

1.more character decks from the manga
2. more cards and images of monsters,characters etc
3.more written novelized versions of chapters from all of my open manga ideas i will alternate between them
4.maybe more fan art
5. traditional manga
6.and possibly some original wall paper which i will try to make more detailed sense it does not have to be scaled down to fit on a card or manga page this means i can use more pixels than normal so i hope to make a few like this :D

now what will be in this extended manga?
1. bonus clips not in the novel version to add more back story and substance to the characters
2.more explanation about how some things work in my fictional universe (hopefully readers will be less lost with this)
3. more and extended fight scenes and game play for chs featuring the game itself
4. updated graphics
5.more monsters and cards revealed in the manga

also i have an important question about some things regarding censorship
do you think my character Rei should be censored in the reboot?
basically she is a spirit that died with no memories and cursed and the became a reaper but her afterlife body is incomplete due to her circumstances so she's only a fragment of what she used to be and can not touch any objects other than her reaper tools i don't think she is that bad sense she has now visible sexual organs or anything especially compared to other manga but what do you all think?
Rei Edit by Shane-zero
secondly i have some semi more revealing cards when i eventually make them available for purchase online should i make censored versions as well? like this one is just a doll but i donno people are really crazy about censoring lately so need some opinions
Erementaru Saga discarded doll, alice (redrawn) by Shane-zero

posting again

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 8, 2015, 6:53 AM
i have alot of
1, school projects
2.b-day gifts
3, updated old work
 so i am probably gonna post like 5 a day or so until I'm caught up
I apologize for the inconvenience if those of u who don't clean mail often end up with a large amount over the next week or two
hope u all will like some of my new artwork

new fanart from my series :D

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 21, 2015, 8:16 PM
new fanart of one of y characters :D
mine --> Erementaru Saga Tenshi Kitsune (redrawn) by Shane-zero
hers---> Fox Girl - commission for Shane-zero by Marlidona
thx so much again :D
it's so cute make sure to give the artist a hand and a quick browse of her gallery :D
to see more of the fanart of my series check here…

plz stop thanking me for faves

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 17, 2015, 8:17 PM
i appreciate u all thanking me but if i fav u often plz dont feel the need to thank me currently have 140 lovely thank yous haha and it gets tiresome going through them all at times XD that is all keep patient i will reply soon i'm almost on track again :D
and feel free to message anytime i love hearin from u all just plz no more thx for the fav stuff lol XD but plz do message to say hey ;)

plz help my friend

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 15, 2015, 6:52 PM
a happy couple i know is trying to be together despite a far distance of different countries
but of course meeting up won't be free so plz read the following journal i copy and pasted and plz share it or donate if u can :)
Hey friends~!! :) (Smile) Been a while since I last addressed a huge message to all of you, but this one is really important.

So as you all know, me and :iconprincesshanyou: have been together for a pretty long time, and for that much time we've been fighting to be together.

And a light of hope may have shown upon us!

I got an offer from Westminster University to study in England!!!! :D (Big Grin) If it all works out I can go and study there this September!!!

But of course...there is one issue... 

I need to raise 4000 British Pounds to pay for my Student Visa until June. Things seemed dire until one of my friends from England started a GoFundMe campaign to help raise that money. The link is right here:

And I'd really like to ask for you guys' support. Even if you can't donate, which I totally understand, if you can share it around and spread the word, that would be wonderful!!

Thanks in advance! :) (Smile)

watchlist edits

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 10, 2015, 12:52 PM
i feel really bad about this but i'm just too busy these days it's either be super picky about who i watch or quite DA for lack of time
so sense i don't wanna opt out and quit or have the issue of never being able to find posts from favorite artist or good friends i will have to limit how many people i watch i don't think i need to go as far as unwatching anyone but i'll be turning off notifications from even more people (mainly those who don't watch me) and will be putting them on special list that i will check when i have time however this may be rare and likely random i may occasionally be more likely to check these accounts if i get any other notification such as a comment, fave, or journal
also as for watchers this whole watch for watch thing i had goin ended up giving me way too many notifications ><
so anyways.. to remedy this i have a special list of watchers who post too much that i will be checking more frequently but it wont be in my main inbox if your someone i talk to regularly chances are i won't unwatch u but if u never really talk to me or fave anything or do anything at all i'm just gonna assume u watched me to get watched back i will likely check your page if u fave anything i post tho i'm not using it as an exscuse to get faves but just saying if u wanna up your chances of me checking out your work then kindly return the favor i'll be much more likely to look at regular supporters and good friends than i would to look at idol watchers that never speak to me or do anything lol
again i feel bad i have to do this but i take a huge load of class, do volunteer work, go out with friends alot, as well as work on my own projects i need more time and i can't get through my mail when i have 1000+ people all posting 50 deviations in one day thats why i started channeling alot of my stuff to scraps and collages so i can spare some of u the hastle of getting 50+ images from me ^^;
so it's nothing personal but yeah from now on i will only regularly watch my absolute favorite artist, close friends, and a small ammount of groups ONLY all else will be channeled on other lists so that i can look them up at my leisure and keep them out of my inbox so in otherwords i havent got so desperate to have to unwatch people entirely i just need to sort this out better and limit my inbox because DA really has no decent sorting options at all having said that i hope to start reviving my page soon i think i'll be back on the horse very soon now i hope u all have been well in my absence
do you all think not responding to thx to the fav comments and lamas etc would be ok btw? because i swear that's like at least 60% of my feed back either thx for the fav or u got a lamma etc and also i still will not be thanking regular favers for faves u all know who you are just no i'm thankful and i don;t wanna spam both u and me every day haha so thx for the favs in advance

i'm back !

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 9, 2015, 10:45 AM
hey people i'm back :D it's gonna take me a while to catch up with u all but i got myself all As went on a trip to san fran and now i'm finally home and gonna get back to work
i have a butload of stuff to post so i gotta slowly post that while working on my manga and written manga once again
so on that not i have an update on manga ......
so i decided i'm gonna start working on a script for another segment of my first manga series
It will be called Erementaru Saga Heiwa
(or elemental saga peace) and will be a short series that runs along side misuteru unmei (forsaken fate)
the reason for this is i need an exscuse why the original guild is not present to help yukiya in Misuteru unmei and so i decided that after the final arc in ES i will make a new one about how they are negotiating global peace and for this reason the members are spread out on even other planets in the solar system and unable to be contacted this is why they would have not been present on Ryuchi what do u think of the idea? it would be somewhat of a sci-fi i suppose i'm still far behind tho only on season 1 in digital still but i'll likely shoot ahead with written scripts or short novelized versions of the series while you wait for them to be drawn out i may also start to redo traditional versions again as well
this is the list of all the projects i need to catch up so be patient i come up with stuff faster than i can write or draw it lol XD
anyways they all take place in the ES-(erementaru saga)-Universe
Manga order     series name       short description                                                                                                                                   # of CHs

0                        ES- Origins-     shows the origin of Ryuchi, the origin of the Ryuchi gods, and the original war                                12+4 bonus
1                        ES-Yuuyami -    the pilot series staring grifith  it is a semi light hearted adventure shounen                                    12+4 bonus
2                        ES- Tsumi -        The direct continuation of yuuyami that is somewhat less light hearted                                          12+4 bonus
3                        ES- Tsuki -          another direct sequel that focuses on a semi independent plot                                                       6+2 bonus
4                        ES-Jiyu-            takes place 2 years after the finally and is the true ending of the series and wraps up loose ends   7+1 bonus

5                        ES-heiwa -        takes place after the finale where the Infinity guild focus on universal relations with other worlds              _
5              ES- Misuteru Unmei-  an independent far less lighthearted series following yukiya on a quest to save his lost love         12+4 bonus
5.5             ES-hoshi fune -        a scifi series that is still under scripting it is entirely independent and takes place some time after               _
                                                    yukiya's story concludes but before the peace relations are done with
5.5   (possible Misuteru unmei S2)- if the series proves possible i have some ideas for a sequel in development                                             _
6            ES- Next gen- follows the children of the pilot series and ties up an unanswered question of who is the character reiki    24+8 bonus

total chs in scripting = 112 and a few more in planning
Chs completely revised..........1............. i have a long way to go T_T
expect a lot of written versions i'm doing misuteru unmei atm then i'll go back and do the pilot series and it's continuations
i also plan to start scripting heiwa and hoshi fune soon